Atletico Junior vs Palmeiras Betting Tips 07/03/2019

Atletico Junior Barranquilla played in COL D1, his team got 5 wins in 3 series from 8 matches in order to establish second place in the standings. But as a result of ordinary Atletico Junior Barranquilla in the Copa Libertadores event, they had to go home in the third round of qualifying in 2017, and last year, the team were eliminated in the group phase because they suffered losses to Palmeiras and River Plate. This time meeting the team has beaten themselves at home and away, Atletico Junior’s Barranquilla is under the wind.

Palmeiras’ performance was rather good last season, they qualified for the semi-finals, unfortunately defeated by Boca Juniors, but this season, they immediately got up, won the Brazilian League title, then won a consecutive victory at BRA SP, the team ambitious revenge in the Copa Libertadores this season.

Palmeiras’s strength is rather fierce, and his team also includes a strong team in CON CLA, a rich experience helps them reap good results, this time meeting Barranquilla’s Atletico Junior, Palmeiras might benefit the opportunity to collect points.

Prediction today: 2

Odds: 2.75

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