Cosenza vs Juve Stabia Soccer Betting Tips & Odds

Cosenza vs Juve Stabia

Cosenza has confirmed that it is perhaps the fittest team in the league for this post lockdown. The Calabrians travel a thousand an hour and what seemed like a desperate undertaking towards salvation, is instead turning into a solid reality. And the superlative 5-1 victory of last Monday on the Empoli field testifies to the size of all this, with now the formation of Occhiuzzi in fourth place with 43 points and with the sensational possibility, still standing, to save himself even without playout.

For its part, Juve Stabia is in difficulty and the defeat of Romeo Menti of Castellamare di Stabia against the Cremonese has complicated and very much the purposes of salvation. The 2-1 final in favor of the Grigiorossi risks weighing like a boulder on the hopes, at least of playout, of the boys of Fabio Caserta, a remaining firm with 41 points and suffering the overtaking of Cosenza, but also the engagement of Trapani in third last position.

Probable lineups Cosenza vs Juve Stabia

  • COSENZA (3-4-3): Saracco; Anibal, Idda, Legitimate; Casasola, Bruccini, Sciaudone, Bittante; Baez, Riviere, Carretta. Coach: Roberto Occhiuzzi.
  • JUVE STABIA (4-3-3): Provedel; Fazio, Tonucci, Troest, Ricci; Mastalli, Calò, Mallamo; Rowboat, Forte, Di Mariano. Coach: Fabio Caserta.

Cosenza vs Juve Stabia Picks

Going to talk about the prediction of the challenge, it is a match that sees Cosenza eager to win to armor at least the playouts, while Juve Stabia without a success would be relegated without appeal. Statistics tell us that at the San Vito stadium so far the Calabrians have collected only 20 points in 18 matches, with 5 successes (but three in the last five), while away Juve Stabia has conquered just 11 points, with 2 wins, 5 even and 1 ko.

Prediction Today: 1

Odds: 1.67

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