Premier League Football Betting Tips & Predictions (Match day 32)

Arsenal vs Norwich

Some timid signs of awakening at Arsenal, in fact the Gunners first won away against Southampton and then won against Sheffield Utd in the quarterfinal of the Fa Cup. Ranking in hand however the Londoners cannot rejoice much given the nine points from the Europa League area, a margin still too large to be moderately optimistic.

The canaries have lost their last three league games, thus remaining in last place six lengths from the safety zone. Seven days after the end of the championship, the hopes of salvation of a team too fragile on a defensive level remain very low, as can be seen from the figure for the 56 goals scored.

Prediction Today: 1
Odds: 1.45

Bournemouth vs Newcastle

A single point in the last five league days for a Bournemouth heavily involved in the fight not to retreat, in fact the hosts are currently in the penultimate position at 27 points, in cohabitation with Aston Villa and West Ham.

Different speech for Newcastle in a positive series from four rounds in which he got two wins and two draws, for a ranking situation that sees the host team even at +12 on the relegation zone. All achieved despite an attack that is not very prolific, capable of achieving only 29 total goals.

Prediction Today: 1x
Odds: 1.36

Everton vs Leicester

The consecutive draws made with difficulty against Brighton and Watford confirmed a clear drop in mental and physical condition of the Foxes, who were also eliminated from the Fa Cup at the hands of Chelsea at the weekend. Now in the standings the guests see their third place undermined by the Blues now at a point of detachment, as well as by the Wolves of Espirito Santo who finds himself only three points from Leicester.

Carlo Ancelotti’s Everton finally returns to victory thanks to the measurement success achieved on the Norwich pitch, a result that allows it to rise to 41 points, but the 11 lengths from fifth position appear to be a practically insurmountable wall to fuel European dreams.

Prediction Today: x2
Odds: 1.53

West Ham vs Chelsea

Three consecutive knockouts for a West Ham that sees the specter of relegation alarmingly materializing, in fact in the ranking now the Hammers are in the penultimate position, shared with Bournemouth and Aston Villa.

At Chelsea, on the other hand, enthusiasm reigns thanks to the victories obtained against Aston Villa and Manchester City, without forgetting the important victory over Leicester on the weekend, which allowed the Blues to qualify for the Fa Cup semifinals. The ranking situation however it requires guests an impeccable season finale, to avoid leaving the top four positions, which allow access to the first phase of the Champions League.

Prediction Today: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.78

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